Ill get right into it, My name is Mary but for my entire life Ive gone by Molly (long story, ugh), so you can call me that too! Im a 23 year old who grew up in a small town on the shoreline of CT and am, and have been, at a serious “in between” stage in my life.

In betweens, changes, and Unknowns can be SUCH a scary thing in life and if anyone knows that, its me.  Ive found that, money (or lack there of) adds SO much stress to every day life and I believe that there are many ways that we can eliminate all that added stress. Through out the last few years Ive practiced living life on the edge of adulthood while trying to scrimp and save where ever possible and now I want to share my findings with you all!

With out boring you, heres a little tidbit of my own story… I grew up singing in a professional girls choir, playing violin, and performing in any community theater productions I could find.  At the end of senior year, I received a scholarship to study music in Philadelphia.  Ultimately, I ended up finding out just how hard it is to carve out a little life in this world while being an artist (go figure).  After a year of two of “in between” I decided to go back to school to study Early Childhood Education.  After all, I could always sing on the side right?  Unfortunately Im still trying to find a balance between school, working in a restaurant, having some thing that resembles a social life, all while attempting to keep that artistic fire sparked.

My partners in my saving, thrifting, and all things DIY are my little 2 year old rescued Border-Collie Bailey, and my wonderful (but not so handy) Boyfriend.  The three of us make a pretty cool and happy family and we love spending whatever time we can together (awwww).  Anyways, I hope that with this blog I can give at least one person some insight into saving, spending less, and doing things yourself, while still truly enjoying and getting the most out of life!

Talk soon,


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