Ikea Hack – Hyllis Shelves

Hi there!!

God it’s been quite a while!  Lee and I have been so busy with the seasons changing, yard work, things around the house, interviews, work, and…  we both got new jobs!!  So this has definitely been a pretty hectic time for us but what better way to get organized and save money than with a nice new shelving unit (at least thats what I always say)!

To say that I look at Pinterest a lot would probably be the understatement of the century.  If you see me on my phone there is probably a 95% chance that I’m scouring through Pinterest for new hack, DIY, or decor ideas!  Through out my scouring I had started to notice the same Ikea hack done many ways using the Hyllis Shelving unit.  The shelves were a good size and were incredibly industrial looking, but at 15 bucks you really cant beat it SO I decided to try this Ikea Hack out for myself…


I started by assembling the shelving unit down in our basement and prepping it to be spray painted… I knew that I wanted to go with something that had a gold, shiny base with black detail.  Here were some of my inspiration photos:

As you can see…. these pieces ranged from 600 dollars to OVER 1,000!!!! (This is just crazy!!)  So I set off to target for some paint and supplies with a few ideas in my mind.  At Target I found tons of really cool contact paper but I wanted my selves to have a little bit of texture, So I went with this perforated black faux leather roll that was meant for lining kitchen drawers and cabinets along with two types of gold spray paint.

I started by spray painting in my basement but soon found that there was way too little ventilation down there so I moved the shelves outside to finish spray painting.  I did one coat with the Krylon Dual Superbond in the shade Metallic Gold but I didn’t thing that it gave the shelves the really shiny metallic finish that I was going for.  I sprayed a light layer of the Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover in Metallic BRIGHT gold over it and it looked so much better!


After I finished spray painting I took the shelves from the second set of shelves I had bought to measure out the black contact paper.  At first I thought I wanted the contact paper to wrap around the edges of the shelf but it ended up being much easier to just cut them into rectangles that would fit right over top of the shelves like so:



I then used my trusty E6000 Glue on each shelf and set down the black contact paper carefully.  The E6000 Glue does give you a little wiggle room to move around whatever you’re gluing so there isn’t too much pressure to get it perfect right away like with hot glue or super glue.  I then put some of the heaviest large books I could find on top of the shelves to help the contact paper bond tightly and with out bubbles.

After giving the glue about 3-4 hours to dry completely I removed the books and placed the shelves in the empty space behind our couch to make sure that everything looked as it should before I styled the shelves, heres how it looked in the room:

I thought the shelves looked absolutely perfect and they were very comparable to the $900 alternative!  I could not wait to get some flowers, photos, and books on these bad boys to tie everything together!  Heres how much this project cost and how much I saved in the long run:


  • shelves: $15
  • 2 rolls of contact paper: $16
  • 2 cans of spray paint: $8

For a grand total of just $39 dollars and a savings of close to $500!!  Here is what the shelves look like now! I absolutely love how they look and they add a little more storage to our tiny house!  I hope you liked this project and feel free to leave any comments below!



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