DIY Old Drawers to New Shelves

Hello there!!

SO, from my refurbished chest project, I had acquired two small drawers that I was excited to do something with.  Since we had our bathroom redone a few years ago, I’ve always wanted to add shelving above the toilet for some added storage.  As crafty as I am, I wasn’t ready to attempt putting up floating shelves all on my own, so I decided to get a little crafty with it!

Heres what I had to work with: two drawers, left over grey paint, some wire, and a heavy duty staple gun.


I started cleaning out the drawers with some cleaner and a damp rag.  This would allow the paint to apply more cleanly and smooth.  They I turned both of the drawers upside down so that the bottom of the drawer was facing up and twisted the wires at each end like so:


I lined the wire up on the back of the drawer and used 4-5 stapes on each end to secure the wire on each end of the drawer.  When the wires were completely fastened to the back of the drawers, I brought them into the bathroom to see what they would look like hung up.



I loved how they looked so far and couldn’t wait to get some dark grey paint and hardware on the drawers to bring it all together!

I brought the drawers back into the office and put some tarp down to paint.  I painted the entire surface of the drawers including the interior with left over dark grey paint that I had used to paint our office.

I let the drawers dry for around 3-4 hours and then applied another coat to make sure everything was evenly distributed.


I was so thrilled with the paint color and how nice the drawers were becoming.  Heres what the drawers looked like with two coats of paint:

After the drawers were completely dry I added some hardware and hung them up again in the bathroom.  I immediately added some design touches with some photos, jars, and bathroom supplies.  I was so excited with how they turned out.  I think the drawers/shelves really tie the whole bathroom together!

At the end of the project I had spent a total of ZERO dollars and gotten a super cute way to store some bathroom supplies in our tiny bathroom!

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