DIY Refurbished Storage Chest

So, after a crazy busy Christmas and New Years I’ve finally found some time to get back to posting!  The Christmas season proved to my boyfriend and I just how MESSY my crafting can really get.  As of right now, Ive been crafting in our office and it was getting VERY unorganized.  So, I decided to find something to hold all of my crafting supplies that would still look amazing in our office.

I fixed up the office about a year or so ago and had painted it a very dark grey and added some white, black, and green accents.  I knew I wanted the dresser to be a really pretty green to act as an accent against the grey wall.  Here are some that I found online:

Now, I am not in any position to be spending $500-$2,000 on a chest.  No way…  So I knew I had to get a little creative with this one.

I started my search at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore store.  I found a few dressers that liked but nothing was perfect.  Some were too big, some  were too small, and some just didn’t have the character that I wanted.  Here are a couple of the ones I was interested in.

Neither of these were exactly what I wanted so I decided I would look at other places or come back at another time.  BUT just as I was leaving I walked past the section of the store where they put things that they are giving away for free.  These things are either damaged or they have been at the store too long with no interest.  In this pile of junk I found this:


How beautiful is she right?!?! Kidding.  It was more than just a little bit beat up, but I knew I could do something to fix it up.  Because it was free, the staff wouldn’t help me move the chest into my car.  I knew I couldn’t move it myself so I recruited another willing shopper and slipped him a $10 bill for being so helpful!  I was so excited to get this baby home!

After I got the chest into my car I stopped at Walmart to get the supplies that I needed to fix it up.  I ended up with a set of new drawer handles, some plastic for the floors, and a quart of green paint.


As soon as I got the chest into the house I removed all the drawers and doors and gave it a really good scrub.  It was FILTHY.  But, I did find some really cool things inside it from the 1970s and 80s!

Then, I began to apply the first coat of paint to the chest.  It already looked so much better than before!  I also decided to leave out the middle two drawers to make them shelves.  I thought that this would allow me to keep some drawer space for storage but also make the chest look a little more unique!

While I let the first coat of paint dry I knew I needed to do something about the rusty hinges for the two doors.  They were covered in rust but I didn’t want to go out and buy any new ones.  So, I turned to my trusty iPhone and looked up the best DIY ways to get rid of rust.  The one that I chose (simply because it was what we already had) was vinegar.  I placed the rusty hinges in a tupperware filled with white vinegar and allowed it to sit over night.  The next day, I put the top on the tupperware and shook the container hard a few times.  The rust did not come off completely but it cleaned the hinges enough so that they would hold paint.

After I applied a second coat of paint onto the dresser and let it dry, I put on the white and silver knobs that I had got from Walmart.  I loved how they looked against the dark green paint.


I then put the rest of the knobs on and re-attached the hinges and doors.  I was FLOORED with how different this chest looked from when I got it.

It also provided SO much extra storage for all of my tools, supplies, and unfinished art projects.

I was so happy with this project but I was even more thrilled with how little it cost!  I spent $10 on the chest itself, $13.97 on the knobs and handles for the drawers and doors, and $9.52 on the green paint.  That brings me to a total of… $33.49!! WOW, I can barely believe it.  If you compare it to the cheapest option that I found online which retailed for $429.00 thats a total savings of $395.51.


I was so happy with how this project came out and I cant wait to do so many more like it!!

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