Easy DIY Dog Bed

As Ive said in previous posts, you can’t totally understand just how expensive having a dog can be until you have one.  Dogs come with SO many expenses which include food, toys, blankets, collars, leashes, vet bills… and those are just the EXPECTED expenses… So, I try and save money where ever I can when it comes to Bailey.  Here is a quick and easy way I was able to make a large dog bed for my pup at little to no cost!

Bailey is a medium sized dog.  When we originally got her we thought she was going to get much bigger because she had these HUMONGOUS paws.  They were way out of proportion to her body.  Now, when you get a puppy they tell you to make sure you buy crates and bedding that they can grow in to.  Let me tell you… dog beds for BIG dogs, cost BIG bucks.  After a few months of letting Bailey sleep in bed with us, it was starting to take a toll on the quality of my own sleep (I just couldn’t wake my cute sleepy dog up and make her sleep on the floor!) So we put down a folded blanket like this:


Just looking at this makes me feel like a terrible doggy mom, its so sad.  But it pushed me to go looking for big, comfy dog beds for my little angel.  I started to look at some stores and online and here are the ones I liked:

Now these beds all cost WAY more than I wanted to spend, so I eventually ended up trying to make a bed like these on my own.

I started by gathering up some old blankets and pillows we had laying around the house.  I ended up with 1 comforter, one fleece blanket, 2 old pillows, and 2 pillows I had bought but never used.


I folded the blanket in half the long ways and then folded over one end to the center.  I placed all 4 pillows inside to act like stuffing like this and placed all four pillows inside, Bailey loved it so much already:


It looked a tiny bit wonky so I decided to put a few stitches around the edges with some embroidery thread.  I did this on both front corners and in the center of each side.  I made sure to pull the stitches tight so they would keep the blankets and all the pillows in place like so:


I managed to complete this while only stabbing myself with a giant needle a few times so I was pretty happy!  Then, I moved on to the cover.  I was so excited to put the dark grey fleece over the bed to make it look just as nice as the ones that were for sale.  I started by trimming the blanket so that there wouldn’t be too much access material (I plan to use the scraps to make some pillows eventually).  I folded over the two sides and sewed them directly to the comforter, going thru as many layers as possible.  Then I folder over the other two ends and did the same thing.

Basically, I just wrapped the fleece around the comforter and pillows like a lil burrito, LOL

Over all, Bailey LOVES the bed.  Its such a good size for her and it seems like it really is comfortable!  And the best part about it is that it isn’t filled with the stuffing that she loves to pull out of any plush bedding or toy, making it totally chew resistant!

I was able to complete this project in about 2 hours and it only cost me 2.98 (the price of the embroidery thread and large needle).  The closest bed to this that I could find retails for about $129 which means I saved a total of $126.02… Talk about savings!!




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