DIY Christmas Stockings

Hey guys!

So, we all know that the holiday season comes with TONS of expenses.  There’s presents, lights, wrapping, and all those silly little decorations.  Fortunately there are also TONS of ways to save this holiday season!

A few years ago we splurged on our little fake tree.  We got it for around $150 and its held up amazingly for the past 3 years (and it seems like it will be great for many years to come).  However when it came to lights, ornaments, and decorations making our house look a tiny bit festive seemed to be really adding up.  I ended up stealing some ornaments from both of our families who seemed to have thousands more than they could fit on their own trees and we decided to go with out the hassle of putting up lights on the outside of the house..

Even though we don’t have a fire place I REALLY wanted to get all three of us Christmas stockings.  I think they’re so adorable and definitely a Christmas decoration staple for any home.  I knew I wanted really cute stockings that looked something like these:

but I knew I did NOT want to be spending $12-$15 each! Thats outrageous!!  So I knew I had to DIY this one!

I started out by going to our local Walmart (Easily one of my LEAST favorite places in the WORLD!!!) and got 3 cheap red and white stockings for $1.98 each.  I also went and picked up a small bag of green multi-sized buttons (because you can never have enough buttons, right?!)


I knew I really wanted each stocking to have our first initials on them so I started embroidering the stockings using the green buttons and ended up with this:

Now, I thought this looked cute… but… something was missing.  I went over to my craft supplies and I decided on adding some heel and toe accents and a really cute bow! After some fights with my glue gun and some old burlap that I had here is what I came up with!


So cute right??  This was such an easy and affordable way to spruce up those cheap Walmart stockings and make them more festive and, well, adorable!

Over all, I spent $5.94 on the stockings themselves and $2.97 on the small bag of green buttons! So rather than spending $14.99 on each stockings, which would add up to $44.97 I was able to make all three while spending only $8.91!  Talk about savings!!

I ended up hanging them all in our living room and I think they look SO cute and festive!



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