Rescuing a Puppy

Adding a pet to your household can be such a fun and exciting experience… but it can also be a REALLY expensive one.  Here is our story of how we adopted our sweet little angel of a rescue, Bailey, WITH OUT breaking the bank!

My boyfriend and I both knew and had discussed that we eventually wanted to add a little pup to our family.  We knew right away that we wanted to rescue rather than shop for two reasons… 1) rescue dogs tend to be healthier/happier than those that come from breeders and 2) it would be significantly less expensive.  I started looking around the internet and found the website Petfinder.  Pet finder is a great website that allows you to see what pets are available for adoption in your area as well as dogs who were in high kill shelters down south. I knew that I wanted to meet our dog ahead of time rather than just choosing one on the site for them to ship to us so I started my search for dogs in our area.


Here was Bailey’s petfinder ad in which you can see that her original name was May!  The rescue organization that I decided to go with was called Tails of Courage.  They were located close enough to us that I could go see the dogs that they had to offer and so that is what I did!  I waited until they were having what they call a “puppy fair” and went on up.

The day I went up I assured my boyfriend that they cant just HAND you a dog and send you on your way.  From the research I did it seemed like you really had to shop around, you had to have references and some places they even needed to come see your house.  Let me tell you something… none of that is true.  When I got to the puppy fair the women asked me to chose the dogs I wanted to see and when Bailey came up to my lap and fell asleep I knew immediately she was the one.


She was so small and shy and sweet.  She was honestly the perfect little puppy.  I immediately told the woman in charge that I wanted to fill out the paper work so that I could come back and get this dog.  She looked at me like I was crazy and said “Sweetheart if you want that dog youre taking her home with you right now”  I panicked.  My boyfriend and I hadnt really prepared for a dog at all and we definitely could have benefited from talking about it a bit more but… She was it.  She was perfect.  So I took her home.

At the shelter, Bailey cost me $225 upfront.  This included getting her microchipped, all of her shots, and getting her spayed.  Compared to buying a dog from a shop or a breeder this is incredibly inexpensive.  When you buy from a breeder dogs can cost up to $1000 and then you have to get them spayed or neutered which can be an additional cost of up to $200.  Shots alone can cost you up to $600 with in the first year of having a dog and most puppies get sick and require at least one trip to the emergency vet ($300).

There is no doubt that dogs add many expenses and the money that it takes to care for them properly can get out of control.  However, I think that there are many ways to adopt dogs/cats or any animal in a way that it doesn’t necessarily break the bank!


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